Apr 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

The Saturday before Easter we had our traditional party and easter egg hut at Grandma Joy's house. Hanna Had a blast looking for eggs and playing with her cousins.

enjoying the candy she found in her eggs!
 Henry helped hide the eggs :)
 Henry super excited to get his picture taken with Grandma Joy :)
 Grandma Joy and the 3 boys 
(left to right: Camden, Henry, Rhett)
 Picture with the easter bunny!
 Henry and his cousin Vannessa (she was born 1 day before him)

now here is Hanna modeling her easter dress

perfect dress for spinning!
 strike a pose!

such a pretty girl!

Henry spit up on his outfit so no pictures of him :) 

Hope everyone had a fantastic easter!!

Mar 3, 2013


The last 6 weeks via Instagram

 Chubby Cheeks :) 
 Jon and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! We got to go out to lunch and shopping with no kids! it was wonderful! Love you Jonny! 
 Made Hanna's Valentines for her preschool class. I took a picture of her looking like she is holding something.. and then added the sucker later :) 
the photo before the sucker

I made this little burp cloth/ bottle holder so I can feed him but have a free hand to do important things like post pictures on Instagram :) 
 LOVE his smiles! 
 loving the cool weather
 heart pancakes for V-day
 she is such a big helper! 
 "She did what!!!??"
 they play so well together... haha
 Hanna and Jon went on a date to a dollar movie and dinner.. they were pretty excited about it 
 after bath puffy hair!

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Jan 24, 2013

Henry's Birthday

Jan 22, 2013


Dec 18, 2012

I suck at blogging

So much fun stuff has been going on! and I have no pictures to prove it!
last week we had our annul Crandell Christmas dinner and gift exchange. My parents and siblings (and spouses) get together for dinner and then exchange gifts! This year was at Pita Jungle..... oh. my. gosh. it was sooo good. i have been thinking about their hummus ever since. I need to go back asap! SO much fun! But it always is with my brothers and sisters and parents!

My sister-in-law Crystal got married on Saturday! It was a rainy, busy day! She looked beautiful and we are happy to have Cree and his daughter Lizzie officially part of the family.

My awesome husband was accepted into the Art Education program at BYU. Considering they only accept about 20 students a YEAR, I am very proud of him, and we are both SO grateful that he was accepted. SOOOOO that means we will be going BACK to Utah! haha.. I know, I know... we just got back to AZ a couple years ago, and now we are moving back to Utah. It worked out best for us if we wait to start BYU in the Fall. So we will be moving the beginning of August! We are very excited that this is our FINAL school adventure (well for his bachelors degree anyway)!!!

I am pretty proud of myself for sticking to our Christmas Activity Advent this year. I tried it last year and got WAY to overwhelmed at all the stuff I thought we could do, and so this year I made it more simple. So far this is what we have done.

1: Learn a Christmas Joke : “Who gives presents to puppies for Christmas?” “Santa PAWS!” J
2: Make paper snow flakes
3: Go to the Cluff FHE Christmas party!
4: Color a Christmas picture!
5: Eat a candy cane!
6: Write a letter to Santa!
7: Go to Papa and Debbie’s Christmas party to see Debbie sing! 
8: Go to the dollar store and get presents for mom, dad and grandma's and grandpa's and then go home and wrap them! And Go to the store and buy a family Christmas ornament
9: Decorate a gingerbread house!
10: Go see Santa and give him your letter! 
11: Make a Christmas card for Mrs. Jen
12: Listen to Christmas music! 
13: Play pin the nose on frosty!
14: School Christmas party! And gift exchange with the Willyerd’s
15: Go to Crystals wedding!
16: Read the story of the birth of Jesus! And Go see the temple lights! 
17: Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn.
18: Get old toys together to give to goodwill.

Hanna loves getting up in the morning and grabbing the slip of paper that has the activity on it for the day! Then she climes into bed with me and reads it. I love how excited she gets about each thing even the REALLY simple ones. I think this will continue to be a family tradition of ours!
here are the activities coming up...

19: Make hot chocolate and drink it!
20: Pick an act of service to do for someone, and do it!
21: Go to our ward Christmas party!
22: Read the night before Christmas book and make Christmas cookies.
23: Go to Crandell Christmas Party at Grandma Joys House.
24: Go to Debbies house and put on jammies and drive around and look at Christmas lights. Then visit the Willyerds

Nov 28, 2012

33 weeks

How far along? 33 weeks
Maternity clothes? of course!! In fact I'm thinking about buying a new black dress for my sister-in-laws wedding in Dec. any suggestions on where to get a cute one?
Sleep: I have been very uncomfortable sleeping lately. I toss and turn all night. when I sleep to long on one side my hips start to hurt. :(
Best moment this week: since thanksgiving was last week I'm gonna say that. 

Miss Anything? I REALLY miss laying on my tummy, and back. ugg..
Movement: YES! 
Food craving: ummm.. sweets, and diet soda
Anything making you queasy or sick: not much actually
Have you started to show yet: yes! I was asked for the FIRST time the other day by a stranger at the store "when are you due?" made my day! 
Gender: BOY! :) at least I hope he is still a boy. Does anyone else have that constant fear that they will have their baby and it will be the opposite gender of what they were told it would be?? no?? Just me?? :) 
Labor Signs: I still have braxton hicks contractions every once and a while. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I go through fazes :) 
Looking forward to: Baby shower this Saturday! Christmas! 

Nov 13, 2012

30+ weeks

30+ weeks

How far along? 30+ weeks
Maternity clothes? of course!! i still wear a few non-maternity tops and skirts and they work great! I even made a maternity dress last week!
Sleep: i have been very uncomfortable sleeping lately. thanks to my unisom i still get SOME sleep.
Best moment this week: making my baby shower invitations! so fun! and the COLD weather!! i LOVE the cold weather! 

Miss Anything? i miss laying on my tummy, and back. ugg..
Movement: YES!
Food cravings: salads!
Anything making you queasy or sick: not much. usually by the end of the day i feel pretty awful/tired
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: BOY! :) Henry Dean!
Labor Signs: i have actually had braxton hicks contractions for a couple weeks now. nothing painful just tighting of my belly.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: i think because i have been more tired, and im HUGE i have been letting it effect my mood a little more then it should :)
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving! excited about all the good food to eat! hopefully I don't gain to much weight! :) also excited about my Baby shower! (mark your calendars for sat Dec 1st!) 

here are the invites i made this week :) 

and a little insert. 

We also took family pictures on sunday. i took pictures of each family, and then set up my tripod for a big group picture. My brother in law did a great job taking pictures of jon, hanna and I. Hanna was really sick though and didn't look at the camera, so we'll probably set up a time to get ours taken again when Hanna is feeling better.

we took her to urgent care on Sun night and she has croup, and an ear infection. :( she seems to be doing better now that she is on drugs :)